Welcome to balancier.eu! A beam (or in German Balancier) is a part of early steam engines. You may have seen a beam with an oil pump. On this web page you will find some pictures and information about simple models of early beam steam engines, which I have built.

These models are functional models, i.e. my focus was on function and not to make a replica.

You may find complex and perfect models e.g. on the pages of the model engineers which I linked to.

The drawing sh0oows a so called Newcomen engine with the beam highlighted in blue. The basics of this engine may be seen very clearly in this animated picture.

The first Newcomen engine was put to work above a coal mine 1712 in the West Midlands county of England. It was used to pump out the water-filled mine. This was the first steam engine to act continously as power machine.

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