Linux is a free computer operating system. In the world of commercial data processing people can no longer live without it. Without Linux there would be no Google. Amazon is known to use Linux all over their datacenters, but even the United States Department of Defense is using Linux. Linux runs on very different computer systems, on embedded PCs as well as on mobile phones and on High Performance Computing Clusters.

I personally use Linux on my PC to do my day to day work. I have installed Ubuntu. This is a so called distribution (this means a bundle of software), which is very user friendly.

If you want to learn more about Ubuntu, you may start at

In my Linux Blog I have collected some problems, hints and solutions, which are important for me.

A more recent project was installing and configuring the VDR Video Disk Recorder software on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial on a Lenovo ThinkStation, which is running headless (without screen / keyboard). The box is hooked to a dedicated DVB-S-LNB. As frontend I use the VDR Manager app running on an Android device. So I am able to manage the recordings very conveniently. You can find all details here.